ladies, your standards for men should be steve rogers. if a dude says something to you or does something that steve rogers would never say or do, drop him. drop him so hard he freezes into an ice cube underwater only to be found nearly 70 years later. let steve rogers be ur standard for guys.

Thursday, 31st of July


sleepy hollow meme | 1/1 what the fuck moment

henry’s real identity

Thursday, 31st of July


Hawkeye #19 was well worth the wait. I thought nothing would ever top Pizza Dog.

#19 is mostly in sign language with very little subtitles showing just how awesome the medium of comics can be.

Thursday, 31st of July
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71-72 of Kristen Stewart

Thursday, 31st of July

essence of beauty: lisa bonet

Thursday, 31st of July
Thursday, 31st of July






#john barrowman is having none of your misogynist bullshit

i love that barrowman’s response also distances him from the contestant
"hahahaha women do laundry right john?  you with me, john?"
"don’t lump me in with you, you fucking martian”

This is what I’m talking about when I keep saying that men have to deny the endorsement. This guy wanted Barrowman’s tacit support or agreement for his sexism, as part of bonding through humour. John went nope.

Bolding mine.

This is a very simple thing men can do to be a feminist ally.

Thursday, 31st of July


understand that you are projecting your own insecurity at jessica. break through your fears. trust your colleague. 

Natasha and Jessica in Secret Avengers

Wednesday, 30th of July


Saw this amazing photo of Rebel Wilson and instantly thought JUNE

The Posterchildren (c) Kitty Burroughs

Wednesday, 30th of July

Founding Avenger Janet Van Dyne will be pre-emptively killed off in Marvel's "Ant-Man" movie.

Wednesday, 30th of July


A commission for kylelabra: Mario and Luigi as Jaeger Co-Pilots. Had a lot of fun drawing this one!

Wednesday, 30th of July

seriously i LOVE this art style

Wednesday, 30th of July

the thing about secret avengers is the storyline is kinda trash but the art is fantastic and hawkeye is funny and it has natasha and jess so basically i’m super into it anyway

Wednesday, 30th of July

you will stop them...HOW?


Wednesday, 30th of July
havodadlegolas asked:
Hey, my sad Golden Age head canon is that King Peter was engaged to be married, but then he went out to hunt the White Stag and never returned. And his bride to be never found out what happened, and so she was depressed for the rest of her life.


ummm literally same

and then hah haha, before the last battle Peter is married with a baby girl on the way hahahahahahaha, and then there’s the train accident lol I am hilarious oh man I

WHY ???????

Wednesday, 30th of July